Xiaomi CC9 Offical First-look : Curved Surface Design

Xiaomi CC9 Official First-look

After Lei Jun released the back of Xiaomi CC real machine earlier today, Xiaomi CC product manager released the complete real machine map of Xiaomi CC back.

Lei Jun said: “Xiaomi CC as a young fashion phone, the design must be good-looking, our.” Art students “team designed this romantic white, after a lot of 90, after 00 are super love!”

Xiaomi CC9 Offical Rendering

According to real Picture taken, it can be seen that the back of the machine is a curved surface design, the color is close to white, the upper left corner is 48 megapixel triple rear camera set-up, the top is suspected to retain the 3.5mm headphone jack, the xiaomi logo is below, and there is no fingerprint recognition opening, confirming the under screen fingerprint.

Xiaomi CC9 Offical Rendering

CC is a new series of Xiaomi, which is mainly used for taking photos and selfie. It is a model that cooperates with Mito and will be released on July 2. It can be confirmed that the front of the aircraft is 32 megapixel lens, and the rear is 48 megapixel three shots.

As for the configuration, it broke the news that the CC9 uses a 6.39-inch screen and is equipped with a Snapdragon 7 series chip with a battery capacity of 4000 mAh.

In addition, the official also gave three naming options for this color, namely: A. Dream White, B. White Dream Mirror, C. White Lovers, which one do you think will be called?

Xiaomi CC9 Offical Rendering
Xiaomi CC9

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