The iQOO Neo touch acceleration technology “0” error touch and iQOO feather white Announced

iQOO feather white

iQOO feather white

The iQOO Neo touch acceleration technology

For game enthusiasts, when playing games on a full-screen mobile phone, the most embarrassing thing is that the screen is not sensitive enough, resulting in errors in their operations. On July 2nd, the iQOO Neo new machine will be released soon. iQOO Neo’s product manager revealed a new feature about the new machine.

According to reports, “iQOO Neo touch acceleration technology, from the touch screen firmware algorithm to the underlying framework have been optimized and upgraded, actively adjust the priority of resources, release resources, improve touch response speed, bring closer to “0 error “The operating experience, the e-sports experience is more fun.” At the same time, she also released the iQOO Neo and the normal model of the contrast video.

iQOO feather white

On the afternoon of June 24th, iQOO mobile phone also announced official Weibo the launch of iQOO feather white color.

According to the official statement, the Yuguang white version uses a complex coating process, the color of the upgraded track texture, showing a white trend gradient effect, full of elegance.

iQOO feather white

In terms of configuration, the Yuguang white version only provides 8+256GB, and the rest of the configuration and the normal version remain unchanged, including the Snapdragon 855 mobile platform, water drop screen, rear three shots and so on.

In terms of price, Yu Guangbai’s version is priced at 2,998 yuan, and the pre-sale will be opened on June 24, and the order will be reduced by 100 yuan.

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