Xiaomi CC Series Announced, there will be a variety of models, Why CC ??

Xiaomi Meitu CC Series

Xiaomi Meitu CC Series

Xiaomi Meitu CC Series

After a big wave of warm-up, this morning Xiaomi mobile phone official microblogging finally officially announced its new series of products: Xiaomi CC.

From the official posters, it is not difficult to see that Xiaomi CC is a product created by Xiaomi and Meitu. Half a year ago, Xiaomi won the license of Mito’s mobile phone business, and now the cooperation between the two companies has finally blossomed.

Xiaomi Meitu CC Series

At present, the official has not revealed why the new machine will be named “Millet CC” series, but the poster gives the word “C-debut”, and the style is relatively pink, obviously designed for female users.

As for the shape, configuration, function and release time, etc., I don’t know about it at present. I believe that with the deepening of the warm-up, the official will gradually reveal the mystery.

What is Xiaomi CC ?

So why is it called the “CC” series? The official explained this, saying that CC will focus on young people and become the trend of mobile phones for young people around the world.

Here is in Lei Jun’s Words…

“Xiaomi is a young brand, and rice flour has accompanied us to grow together in 9 years. At the time, using the Internet model to make mobile phones, we had only one simple idea: to be a smart phone that you like and feel cool. Fortunately, a group of digital “fans” who are young and young have become our original users and have been with them ever since.

In the fourth quarter of 2018, we completed the combing of mobile phone brands and announced the dual brand strategy of Xiaomi and Redmi in early 2019. The independence of the Redmi brand has given the Xiaomi mobile phone more imagination. On the one hand, it is high-flying in the way of exploring innovative technology and pursuing the ultimate experience. On the other hand, it can also focus on segmenting the market to make more targeted products. So today, Xiaomi CC is coming, this will be the trend of mobile phones belonging to young people around the world.

The young fashion look defined by art students

wants to make a mobile phone that young people like, they need to define themselves. Therefore, Xiaomi CC’s product team is a group of Chic & Cool 90, as the youngest product team inside Xiaomi, they have a natural brain hole gene and a personality of jumping.

Different from the previous millet product team, the CC product team has more than half of the art and fine arts professions. They design their favorite products with the pursuit and aesthetics of “art students”. In addition to the support of the instinctive beauty, I am not afraid of the sky, this time, I want to really redefine the trend of mobile phones with the ideas of young people.

Not only Colorful, but also Creative. The trend of mobile phones should be able to follow the popular color trends of the year, and use the best appearance technology to achieve designs that others can’t think of.

A “double C-bit” photo flagship

young man is eager to be understood and has the desire to show himself. They love to take photos and share, and hope to show their beauty to everyone. These, inside the millet, the CC team knows best!

Therefore, Xiaomi CC is to be a flagship for young people. Regardless of the rear or front-facing self-timer, the hardware of Xiaomi CC will be the best solution, and the new aesthetic concept of “Xiaomi x Meitu AI Aesthetics Lab” will be introduced, combining advanced camera hardware and beauty technology. Create a “double C-bit” photo experience for Camera & Camera before and after.

We know that many friends are saying “more young people choose”, no matter how good! But we believe that youth is not a slogan, not a guise for young people, and it cannot be an excuse for low prices and castration. We dare not try to speculate on young people’s ideas, or sum up for them, because every young person is different.

We are simple, good enough, sincere and direct, and are a good choice for all young people.

Xiaomi CC, a trendy mobile phone for young people around the world.”


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