Vivo AR glasses will be unveiled at MWC 2019 Shanghai, “110” 3D Screen

Vivo AR Glasses

Vivo AR Glasses

Vivo AR Glasses – MWC 2019 Shanghai

Vivo official microblogging announced that on June 26th MWC 2019 debut a new product, vivo AR glasses, known as a “110-inch” portable 3D large screen.

Unlike the currently popular VR, AR glasses have augmented reality. The scenes viewed through the AR are generated through technical processing, and more functions can be realized through the mobile phone camera.

Vivo AR Glasses

According to vivo, this AR glasses should focus on the viewing experience, or convert the small screen to a higher screen via AR.

In addition to AR glasses, vivo has also announced 120W super flash charging, and 5G related technology, will be unveiled at MWC 2019, it is worth looking forward to.


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