Google Pixel 4 Official First Look and everything you wanna Know

Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL

Although Google recently released the new Pixel 3a series of mobile phones, I believe that everyone is more interested in the Pixel 4 that is expected to arrive in October. After all, it is Google’s “big son.”

As the release time approaches, the recent information about Pixel 4 has also increased, and the geeks will be summarized for everyone. If you are interested in Pixel 4, I believe this article can satisfy some of your curiosity.

Back: Official news “Yuba” camera

Google Pixel 4 Official First Look

Previously, there was a news that Pixel 4 would use a “bathroom” layout camera. Perhaps Google felt that the leak map was too ugly, so the official release of the picture on the back of Pixel 4 – still like “Yuba”!

As can be seen from the pictures published by Google, there are 5 openings in the Pixel 4 camera area: two cameras (new is super wide or telephoto not sure), one LED flash, one microphone opening, and one opening It may be a “Spectral + Flicker Sensor” similar to the Pixel 3 series. The function is to avoid flickering when shooting scenes such as screens and LED lights.

Judging from the information currently known, the next generation iPhone will also adopt a similar rectangular camera layout, and we can look forward to the future “Yuba War”.

The use of both glossy and matte finishes on the back (Pixel 3 is glass, Pixel 3a is plastic) has become the iconic design of the Pixel family, but the Pixel 4 will no longer be used. From the official map, the back of the Pixel 4 will be a complete piece, and the specific material is still uncertain.

Google Pixel 4 and pixel 4 XL Rendering

In addition, it can be seen from the official picture that Pixel’s classic “collision” power button is retained, and the rear fingerprint recognition and headphone jacks are not visible. Speaking of the headphone jack, everyone was already dead, Pixel 3a/3a XL added back, this time Pixel 4 seems to be canceled again.

Positive: no bangs

Google is currently only breaking the back of Pixel 4, and its front is currently speculative. The “large front teeth” of the Pixel 3 XL have been vomited by many people. The good news is that from the current forecasting information, Pixel 4/4 XL will no longer use notch display. One solution is the same as the current Pixel 3a/3a XL, but the upper and lower borders may be narrower. The other is to use The “punch screen” is similar to Samsung’s plan and has not been finalized yet.

Google Pixel 4 and pixel 4 XL Rendering

After canceling the rear fingerprint recognition, will Pixel 4 choose the screen fingerprint or the face to unlock? There are two kinds of arguments at present, and Unbox Therapy speculates in its latest model-based video that Google will use a face-unlocking solution similar to the iPhone.

There is also a new feature on the screen. iPhone users should be familiar with the original color display (True Tone), which automatically adjusts the phone screen to match the color conditions to maintain consistent color display in different environments.

In the Android camp, some phones from LG and Huawei have been equipped with similar technologies. According to information shared by XDA Developers, Google will also add similar screen adjustment technology to Pixel 4.

The code for Display White Balance has been seen in Android Q, but technologies like True Tone require sensor support. Currently, Pixel models are not available, so this feature is considered to be Pixel 4 is ready.

If Pixel 4 predicts to include face unlocking, True Tone, etc., it must have a lot of openings on its forehead (currently at least 5 imaging-related sensors are predicted). In addition, if Google wants to implement the Project Soli function on the phone, it also needs the support of the front sensor.

System: Android 10 native models

The release date of Android Q official version (Android 10) and Pixel 4 is expected to be around October this year, and Pixel 4 will become the first original model with Android 10 shipped. For the current Android Q Beta experience, you can click on another article in the geeks selection , so I won’t go into details here.

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