Xiaomi Under Display Camera Technology Announced

Xiaomi Under Display Camera Demo

Xiaomi Under Display Camera Demo

The camera solution under the screen is come true, who can grab the first start

Xiaomi President Lin Bin Weibo announced a video showing Xiaomi 9 engineering machine and Xiaomi 9, in which the engineering machine used a screen camera, which is higher than the water droplet screen of Xiaomi 9.

Xiaomi Under Display Camera Demo

At the same time, Xiaomi mobile phone official Weibo announced the Xiaomi screen camera, and named Xiaomi hidden screen technology.

According to the official introduction, the hidden screen is an innovative technology with Xiaomi’s independent intellectual property rights. The new custom screen is a small “transparent screen” in the front camera area, featuring low reflection and high light transmittance. The “transparent screen” does not take pictures. The screen content can be displayed normally, and it becomes transparent glass when photographed.

This design is a unique screen-integrated lens. The screen also acts as a lens. When the camera is activated, the screen and lens work together to allow light to fully enter the camera sensor, and the resolution exceeds the LCD blind hole screen.

Officials said that Xiaomi’s new hidden screen technology may be the final version of the current comprehensive screen solution. The screen-integrated lens designed by the ingenuity makes the front camera “disappear” and makes the comprehensive screen more complete, more extreme and more shocking.


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