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Redmi K20 and K20 Pro Difference in Camera : IMX582 VS IMX586

Sony IMX582 vs IMX586 Difference

The redmi K20 series codenamed “The Big Devil” was officially released. Regardless of its design, hardware configuration, or final price, the Redmi were so popular, but for the configuration of this new machine, many people still said Do not understand, such as its camera.

It is reported that the main sensor of the Redmi K20 is IMX 582, while the flagship Redmi K20 Pro is IMX 586. So what kind of sensor is the IMX 582? This afternoon, the head of the Redmi, Lu Weibing, gave you some knowledge about this sensor.

The IMX582 sensor is also 48 megapixels, also supports pixel 4-in-1, and supports Remosaic hardware straight out of 48 megapixel photos. It can be said that the IMX 582 and IMX586 are identical in the photo session. The main difference between the two is the video capture function. The IMX 582 only supports up to 4K 30fps video, but the IMX 586 supports 4K 60fps, which is the biggest difference between the two.

Sony IMX582 vs IMX586 Difference

Sony IMX582 vs IMX586 Difference

Moreover, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor can support up to 4K 30fps photography, so the IMX 582 is completely sufficient and can be compressed to a lower cost.

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