Samsung released two USB Type-C power controller chips: support 100W fast charging

Samsung SE8A and MM101

Samsung announced the launch of two new USB Type-C power (PD) controller chips, the company said that the new SE8A and MM101 PD controller chips can support up to 100W of charging power, as a comparison The fast charging in the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G supports 25W of power.

SE8A and MM101

Samsung said the new PD controller chip can be used in a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and monitors. At present, Samsung has begun mass production of SE8A chips, and the MM101 chip is currently sampling to the company’s customers.

SE8A and MM101

SE8A and MM101

The SE8A is the first PD controller to combine a secure component with a power controller into a single chip, which allows for additional protection such as secure key storage and compact encoding and decoding of sensitive data within the device. The SE8A also supports USB Type-C authentication to prevent unauthorized use of unauthorized products, which will prevent hackers from attacking devices during charging.

The MM101 supports symmetric encryption algorithms for product certification, and the security aspect includes humidity sensing to ensure safer charging conditions. Both chips also feature overvoltage protection, and the new chip is compliant with the latest USB specification for USB-PD 3.0 fast charging for more efficient charging. They also feature embedded Flash (eFlash), which allows manufacturers to update software to meet the latest standards without having to modify the hardware.


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