Redmi K20 equipped with NXP’s latest generation SN100 series chip

Redmi K20 with NXP’s SN100 series chip

According to the official announcement, Redmi K20 became the first Redmi mobile phone with NFC function, and using NXP’s latest generation SN100 series chip, the transaction speed is 30% higher than the previous generation. In addition, the front of the Redmi K20 is exposed for the first time, with a narrow frame on all sides.

Redmi K20 with NXP’s SN100 series chip

Lu Weibing said that the Redmi K20 has been on the NFC. This is also a feature that many fans have a particularly high voice. Currently, it has supported more than 200 cities to brush bus and subway cards, and the community company access card is particularly convenient.

In fact, not only brush the bus access card, NFC has many convenient usages, Mi Pay currently pays 150 minus 20 in Xiaomi Mall, Mijia smart door lock NFC unlock, and even many third-party App supports bus card / campus card / gas card recharge , liquor anti-counterfeiting query, etc., especially easy to use.


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