Vivo Z5x released with ART++Turbo compiler enhancement technology

Vivo Z5x

Vivo Z5x

Vivo Z5x Price and Specifications

As previously announced, vivo officially launched a new Z5x online platform. The vivo Z series mobile phone was born in 2018. It is mainly oriented to the Internet market unlike other product lines, so it pays more attention to cost performance. The vivo Z series mobile phones have received good response once they went online, and the product strength is very good.

The design of the vivo Z5x has some similarities with the previous one, but it has also been upgraded. Vivo Z5x is vivo’s first product with perforated screen design, the official said that the screen accounted for more than 90%.

In terms of color matching, the vivo Z5x has three kinds of aurora, black, and phantom black. The material on the back of the phone is not clear, but it should not be glass.

Vivo Z5x

The rear camera of the vivo Z5x is upgraded to a three-camera specification. The three cameras are 16 megapixel main camera, 120° super wide-angle sub-camera and 2 megapixel depth-of-field camera. This means that the photo function mainly supports wide-angle zoom, and also has backlight. Shooting, etc., but unfortunately with the telephoto zoom function.

Configuration, vivo Z5x uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 chip, content starts from 4GB, up to 8GB. The phone has a battery capacity of 5000 mAh and supports reverse charging. Software support for the vivo Z5x is still relatively good, such as Multi-Turbo technology, dual-engine flash charging and other functions are available, the system is also the latest Funtouch OS 9, and X27 series is flat.

Vivo Z5x

However, from the perspective of design and configuration, the vivo Z5x is not exciting. The most cost-effective mobile phone is to look at the price.

Vivo Z5x 4GB version price 1398 yuan, 6GB+64GB version price 1498 yuan, 6GB+128GB version 1698 yuan, 8GB+128GB version 1998 yuan.

The biggest highlight of the vivo Z5x is the vivo Multi-Turbo and ART++Turbo compilation enhancement technology.

Vivo Z5x Multi Turbo

It is understood that Multi-Turbo has comprehensively optimized the experience from multiple dimensions such as games, cooling, AI, games and the underlying central core resources. The new ART++Turbo has further improved the system operation efficiency from the compilation system level, which is powerful. The hardware configuration delivers better performance.

This model will be the first ART + Turbo compiler enhancement technology, in order to further improve the system operation efficiency, the hardware configuration to achieve better performance; vivo recently introduced the optimization technology for the compiler system – ART + + Turbo compiler enhancement technology , greatly improved performance and APP response speed.

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