Oppo K3

Oppo K3 Released with Snapdragon 710 + VOOC 3.0 + Pop-up Camera

Oppo K3

OPPO held OPPO K3 mobile phone new product communication meeting in Beijing, OPPO K3 mobile phone starting price of 1599 yuan.

Oppo K3
Oppo K3

OPPO K3 mobile phone uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor, all standard UFS2.1 flash memory, LPDDR4x dual-channel memory, support up to 8GB + 256GB memory combination; photo, OPPO K3 equipped with front 16 megapixel AI smart beauty camera After the ultra-clear night scene 2.0, it is still clear and bright in the dark environment and rear 16 Megapixel + 2 megapixel double camera.

Oppo K3
Oppo K3

OPPO K3 adopts colorful gradient design and 3D colorful body. There are three kinds of nebula purple, secret black and morning white in the color matching. The front camera adopts the optical edge lifting structure camera, and the screen is no bangs panoramic screen.

In other respects, OPPO K3 uses the sixth generation of screen fingerprint technology, compensating light, unlocking speed increased by 28.5%; built-in 3765mAh battery, support VFC fast charging algorithm, charging time can be reduced by 25%; Game Boost 2.0 play more smooth, and There are new acceleration technologies such as FrameBoost and TouchBoost. The stability of the king’s glory is increased by 35.6%, the probability of the card is reduced by 50%, and the performance of the game touch is increased by 16.2%.

The OPPO K3 6+64GB version is priced at 1599 yuan, the 8+128GB version is priced at 1899 yuan, and the 8+256GB version is priced at 2,299 yuan. On the same day, you can enjoy the discount of 100 yuan for the order.

Oppo K3 Hand On Video

(Reuploaded for better experience)

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