Redmi K20 7th Generation Screen Fingerprint and 4000mAh Battery Announced

Redmi K20 7th Generation Screen Fingerprint and 4000mAh Battery Announced

This morning, the redmi phone gave today’s K20 warm-up, announced the new features of the machine, that is, using the seventh generation of screen fingerprints.

Subsequently, Lu Weibing, the general manager of Redmi, briefly introduced the technology on Weibo and released a picture. The phone in the picture is suspected to be redmi K20, showing that the screen of the machine is no bangs, no water droplets, corresponding to the machine Lifting proactive plan.

But unfortunately, even if you increase the brightness and contrast of the picture, it is difficult to see the bottom frame of the machine. The guess is not much different from the current model of the lift-up camera.

Redmi K20 7th Generation Screen Fingerprint
Redmi K20 7th Generation Screen Fingerprint

For the seventh-generation screen fingerprint, Lu Weibing said that the Redmi K20 uses the true flagship AMOLED screen, and is equipped with the seventh-generation screen fingerprint unlocking scheme. The 3P lens-type optical fingerprinting system can be said to be a small micro-screen under the screen. From the camera. The hardware upgrade is 7.2μm ultra-large pixels, which is 100% higher than the previous generation’s photosensitive area, and the finger area is also increased by 15%, which can better capture the fingerprint optical signal.

The further upgrade of the hardware, combined with the software parallel DSP algorithm, will increase the unlock speed of the Redmi K20 by 10%. At the same time, the scene for daily unlocking is specially optimized, and the success rate is increased by 30% under low temperature, dry fingers, strong light, and the like.

In addition to the larger battery, Lu Weibing, general manager of Red Rice brand, also revealed that Redmi K20 is operating in an open source and thrifty attitude. Not only does the 4000mAh ultra-large battery provide strong power protection, but the system’s AI intelligent power-saving optimization also works very well. Manage power consumption for apps and games, avoid “nostalgic” chained apps that cause inefficient power consumption, and more.

Redmi K20 Battery Capacity

At the same time, through the AI scene judgment, in different usage states such as WeChat, Weibo, and reading, the screen backlight can be intelligently adjusted, which not only makes the eyes more comfortable, but also achieves the purpose of power saving. When you sleep, the phone will automatically enter sleep mode, strictly control the number of connections and background programs, almost no electricity.

Redmi K20 AI optimisation


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