Oppo K3 Specifications and Features

OPPO K3 price exposure: starting at less than 1899 yuan

OPPO K3 Price

Previously OPPO announced the K3 configuration, starting at 1X99 yuan. Today’s OPPO released a countdown poster exposed “X <8”, OPPO K3 starting price is less than 1899 yuan. In addition, on May 23, the purchase of the day will be reduced by 100 yuan.

oppo k3 price
oppo k3 price

As the latest product of OPPO K series, OPPO K3 has 6.5-inch AMOLED without bangs panoramic screen, optical edge lifting camera, new light-sensitive screen fingerprint and other functions. Configuration is equipped with Snapdragon 710 processor, running memory 6GB start, up to 8GB + 256GB large memory combination, all standard UFS2.1 high-speed flash memory.

OPPO K3 supports GameBoost 2.0 acceleration technology. Frame Boost can allocate system resources in a timely and reasonable manner according to the requirements of specific game resources. Touch Boost can improve the response speed of touch screen. Link Boost makes the network speed faster. VOOC3.0 low-voltage fast charging technology, there is no pressure to play while fast charging.