Oppo K3 features

Oppo K3 Special Features Announced

Oppo K3 Specifications

OPPO officially announced earlier today that the OPPO K3 mobile phone new product communication meeting will be held at the Kuntai Jiarui Cultural Center in Beijing on May 23rd at 14 o’clock. And then, OPPO officially exposed two important features of the new machine.

From the officially released posters, the OPPO K3 will adopt a lift-up front-end design. Without the bangs, the front will be a true full screen. It can also be seen from the small print that the screen of the machine is a 6.5-inch AMOLED screen, which accounts for 91.1% of the screen, supports DC dimming, and also supports fingerprint under the screen. The front camera has a parameter of 16 million pixels and can be lifted and lowered 200,000 times with a rise time of only 0.74 seconds.

Oppo K3 features
Oppo K3 features
Oppo K3 features
Oppo K3 features
Oppo K3 features
Oppo K3 features
Oppo K3 features
Oppo K3 features

In terms of performance, the aircraft will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor, UFS 2.1 storage and LPDDR4x flash specifications, supporting a variety of acceleration features.

In addition, it can be seen from the picture that the machine should have a 3.5mm headphone jack and a USB Type-C interface.

According to previous reports, OPPO K3 rear camera is 16 megapixel + 2 megapixel, in the color matching there are three kinds of nebula purple, secret black, morning white, support 20W fast charge.



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