Realme X Hands On Picture

Realme X display details and hands on photo exposure: use no bangs full screen + lift camera

Today, realme official micro first exposed the design details of the upcoming new realme X, from the microblogging texts and posters, it is not difficult to see that the new machine will use ultra-high screen ratio full screen + The design of the lift front camera has a screen ratio of 91.2%.

Realme X Hands On Picture

Realme X Hands On Picture
Realme X Hands On Picture

In combination with the exposed before Realme, realme X will use the lift front camera and hide the front camera, light sensor and other components at the bottom of the screen to maintain the overall integrity of the screen. It is reported that realme X adopts the updated mid-range scheme in the selection of the lifting scheme, with better symmetry. The poster shows that the realme X front-mounted lifting camera can be used continuously for more than 200,000 times, assuming 50 times per day. The front camera can be used for more than 10 years.

Realme X Box Picture

Realme X Box Picture
Realme X Box Picture

Thanks to the use of the lifting camera, realme X can achieve a super-high screen ratio of 19.5:9 without a bangs full screen, the screen ratio is as high as 91.2%, and the screen material is AMOLED, and the display effect is also more Guaranteed.

Yesterday, realme mobile phone officially announced the realme X new product launch time, realme X mobile phone conference will be held in Beijing on May 15th, the new machine is the main “overstep”, may wish to look forward to.

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