Oppo Official teased 60x Digital Zoom for Reno 10x Version

Oppo Reno 60x Zoom

Oppo Reno 60x Zoom

60x Digital Zoom is Coming to Oppo Reno for 10x Zoom Version

OPPO held the Reno conference in Shanghai and officially released the first Reno phone. The biggest highlight of OPPO Reno is equipped with 10x hybrid zoom technology. This is also the first OPPO phone to achieve commercial production of 10x hybrid zoom.

Oppo Reno 10x Zoom Version
Oppo Reno 10x Zoom Version

let’s take a look at the camera parameters of the Reno 10x zoom version and how the OPPO is stuffing the three cameras into the entire body.

OPPO’s new Reno 10x zoom version uses a three-camera full-focus image system. From top to bottom, it is 48 megapixel main camera + 8 megapixel super wide-angle lens + 13 megapixel periscope telephoto lens. The main camera is the familiar Sony IMX586. The pixel size is 0.8μm, the other wide angle is IMX319, the pixel size is 1.4μm, the telephoto lens is S5K3M5, and the pixel size is 1μm.

These three sensors have different responsibilities and achieve a “full focal length” coverage of 16-160mm in a “bar-on” fashion. At the same time, on the Reno 10x zoom version, it also equipped with dual OIS optical image stabilization technology (main camera OIS anti-shake + telephoto camera prism anti-shake).

Previously we have seen 50x digital zoom of reno. Today Oppo Official teased 60x digital zoom is coming to OPPO Reno 10x zoom version in Video published on official weibo account. Let’s take a look on it.

Oppo Reno 60x Zoom Video


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