Google Developers Conference 2019 will open next week: Eight majors will be wiped out

Form Tuesday May 7 to 9 , Google’s annual I/O Developers Conference will kick off, with the first keynote speech from Google CEO Sundar Pichai and other executives.

Google Developer Conference 2019

In the keynote session, Google will outline a number of features and improvements for Android, Google Assistant, and many other apps and services over the next year. This year is slightly different, because Google will almost certainly release two new Pixel smartphones in the keynote speech, adding a lower cost option to the typical smartphone update cycle. Google will also announce a number of AI improvements, machine learning and even excellent search techniques during this keynote presentation.

Here are the top 8 highlights of this Google Developer Conference:

Mid-range phones Pixel 3A and Pixel 3A XL

A few days ago, there were a lot of information leaks from Pixel 3A and Pixel 3A XL, but the last wave of exposure basically confirmed all the information about Google’s upcoming mid-range Pixel phone, including the price. The Pixel 3A is priced at $399 and the 6-inch larger Pixel 3A XL is priced at $479.

The two new phones are expected to offer comparable camera performance to the flagship Pixel 3 at far lower prices. Google has reduced costs in other mobile phones, including the use of lower-performance processors, cell phone materials from glass to plastic, and wireless charging. However, the new Pixel phone will be re-equipped with a headphone jack.

This is Google’s most aggressive pricing on mobile phones over the years, and the price is even lower than the one plus mobile phone, aiming to create a popular mobile phone in the middle of the year. Pixel 3A and Pixel 3A XL will receive three years of system and security update support, plus the addition of Call Screen to pick up calls.

More comprehensive Android Q preview system

Google has released several Android Q betas, but it’s very likely to leave some of the more significant features on the stage of the I/O Developers Conference. As the next major version of Android, Android Q will provide users with more flexible privacy controls, including limiting the ability of apps to track user locations when they are actively used. Google has added Diablo mode, color themes, and shared menus that respond much faster in earlier beta releases. Android Q will also lay the foundation for the future of foldable phones.

Google seems to be fixing the gesture navigation of Pixel phones, and there are even signs that Google will offer a PC mode similar to Samsung DeX after your phone is plugged into an external display. Of course, the final version of Android Q also includes more features. Google is likely to push Android Q updates to consumers later this summer. Google should release more information next Tuesday, and it is possible to release a new beta version.

Smart Home New Nest Hub Max

Google has already exposed a larger, new Nest product on its Home Hub smart display page. The Nest Hub Max features a 10-inch display with built-in stereo speakers. In addition, it will run the same system as Home Hub, featuring Google Assistant and providing a visual interface. Its price is still unclear, but the 7-inch Home Hub is priced at $150.

As a Nest branded camera with built-in camera, it is also very likely to add home security features not available in Home Hub, which is not equipped with a camera. Smart displays plus smart cameras sound great.

Cloud Game Service Stadia Details

Google released the cloud game service Stadia at the Game Developers Conference, which will be available this year. But Google has not released some important details, including subscription fees. Google is likely to show Stadia again through the I/O conference stage, providing more specific consumer offering information. However, Google may also wait until the June E3 Game Conference to announce more details.

Google Assistant and Google Smart Lens

Every year, Google will spend a lot of time showing the progress they have made on Google Assistant to show why Google Assistant is smarter and more powerful than Amazon’s Alexa. There is also Google Lens, which converts the camera of an Android phone into a powerful computer vision tool.

More Google Photos Improvements

In the past few years, Google Photos has actually become a photo management application for many people. Google usually launches some new features for Google Photos at the I/O conference, which will go live in a few weeks or months

Wear OS and Android TV messages may not be much

In the beginning of this year, Google apparently decided not to let Wear OS news become a hot topic in the I/O conference. Wear OS will add a new sweepable tool, Tiles, which allows users to easily query weather forecasts, next schedules, news headlines, and more. Google announced before the I / O conference that this feature indicates that Wear OS will not get much display time.

Similarly, there are no signs that Google will make significant plans to significantly improve or redesign Android TV this year. The cool Android TV related products announced at the I/O conference last year are still not listed, but the system is constantly coming to a series of TV manufacturers’ products, including Sony and Hisense.

Must-see demo this year?

Last year, Google first publicly demonstrated the AI Black Technology Duplex, which is an eye-opener. Duplex allows Google Assistant to make a voice call to call a local merchant to make an appointment on behalf of the user. Realistically, it is difficult for Google to present a more amazing demonstration at this year’s conference. But everything is hard to say.

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