Compete with Redmi ? Realme new machine appeared: pop-up front Camera in Promo

Realme Pop-up Camera Promotional Video

The new flagship of Redmi was unveiled in the video this morning, confirming that the aircraft will adopt a pop-up proactive solution.

Interestingly, realme, which just announced its return to China, also released a video today, in which a realme unreleased model was unveiled.

According to the video, this new realme machine also uses pop-up proactive, thanks to this design, so that there is no bangs and water droplets on the front.

Realme Pop-up Camera

The realme brand is a brand new independent brand derived from OPPO. It has been active in 10 overseas markets such as Indonesia and Egypt.

At present, realme’s biggest competitor in China should be the red rice phone, because the positioning of the two brands is similar.

Finally, there is news that realme may hold a new product launch in early May. This pop-up proactive model is likely to be unveiled at the press conference.

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