Nubia Red Magic 3

Nubia Red Magic 3: King Of Gaming ? Here is Why

Nubia Red Magic 3 Introduction

On the afternoon of April 28th, Nubia officially released the new generation of e-sports flagship mobile phone “Red Magic 3” in Beijing, regardless of appearance, configuration, performance, heat dissipation, games, and photography. Red Magic 3 continues the Red Magic’s consistent vector aesthetic design concept. The diamond-shaped cutting design on the back of the fuselage is still derived from the “X” future battleship shape. The overall body is as thin as 6.6mm . The new back arc design, the side R angle is larger, and the grip is more comfortable.

Red Magic 3 Official Promo

In terms of color matching, in addition to the ruthless black iron, the passionate flame red, the battlefield camouflage three color combinations, also added a red and blue competitive version , symbolizing transcendence and challenge.

Nubia Red Magic 3 Colors
Nubia Red Magic 3 Colors
Nubia Red Magic 3 Colors
Nubia Red Magic 3 Colors

The colorful lighting effect has also been upgraded. The new Red Magic LOGO Light “Red Magic’s Eye” is added, with 16.8 million color bright lights, you can customize the editing of Aurora, Star, Strap, Rainbow, Laser, Light. Sound effects, bottom rhythm, middle rhythm and other effects.

The screen uses 6.65-inch AMOLED panel, and supports DC dimming, screen refresh rate up to 90Hz, also supports HDR, with 3D stereo surround sound, dual BOX multi-directional sound-proof design, dual Smart PA, support DTS7.1 channel.

AI noise reduction function upgrade supports real-time elimination of game background noise interference , intelligent monitoring and suppression of squeaky, conscience retains 3.5mm headphone jack , and the sound hole is facing the user, avoiding occlusion, and there are three different positions for game-specific mic.

Nubia Red Magic 3
Nubia Red Magic 3

In terms of game control, the screen touch refresh rate reaches 240Hz, which is twice that of the traditional mouse, and the screen response time is shortened to 4ms , and the back fingerprint touch key is added on the basis of the four-finger touch . The fingerprint key can be self-made. Defined as a game touch button , four fingers eat chicken to upgrade the five-finger madness.

There are also linear motors and independent drive chips inside , the vibration response is faster and more accurate, and deep cooperation with Tencent “QQ Speed”, to enhance the 4D shock to the original experience for the game.

The configuration has Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, 12GB LPDDR4 memory, 256GB UFS 2.1 storage, claiming that Antutu Benchmark runs up to 437524, not only far beyond the current ranking of the First MI 9 transparent version of 372,000 points, but also exceeds Xiaomi 9 428000 points ran out in the lab.

Nubia Red Magic 3 Performance
Nubia Red Magic 3 Performance

Such a high run is divided into high configuration, and the fan is also indispensable. 3 Red Magic built the world’s first active cooling fan smart phones , and independent cooling duct design, duct inlet at the back, at the outlet side of the border, by muting lightweight high performance centrifugal fan, hot and cold air exchange To actively dissipate heat.

According to the official, the Centrifugal Fan of the Red Magic 3 has been tested and certified by the China Institute of Metrology. The fan speed can reach 14000RPM (rev/min), which is faster than the 11,000 rpm of the average aircraft engine . It can achieve 50 cold per second. Hot air exchange, playing a chicken game of about 30 minutes can achieve 90,000 hot and cold air exchange.

The noise index is not clear. It only uses a brushless motor and can adjust the wind speed. It is quieter and smarter, and the power consumption is ultra-low. The power consumption for 1 hour of continuous operation is less than 1%.

The Red Magic 3’s fan is made of 1 gram ultra-light nano material and liquid bearing technology . It is durable and has been tested for 30,000 hours in laboratory tests . It also supports IP55 dustproof and waterproof.

In terms of system software, the exclusive Red Magic OS 2.0 system has done a lot of performance improvement optimization, such as intelligent CPU/GPU scheduling, Red Magic rendering system, combined with ET Evolution Tensor Technology 2.0, a new generation AI machine deep learning engine, Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite Gaming technology.

The newly upgraded game space 2.0 has Buff blessings such as personal center control, information screen hang-up, picture-in-picture, game strategy, game screen capture, and Red Magic time to kill the screen.

In the game industry ecological cooperation, the Red Magic is also pulling up almost all mainstream game brands and platforms, especially Tencent’s performance optimization partners, and has online game acceleration services , regardless of US service, European service, national service do not have to worry about delay.

As a game phone, the camera has not been ignored, the rear is only single shot but equipped with the industry’s strongest Sony IMX586 48 Megapixel camera , 1/2 inch CMOS, 1.6um pixel F / 1.7 aperture, 80.32 ° wide angle, PDAF speed focus 0.1 seconds, support 8K video, 1920fps 64 times super slow motion, front is a 16 Megapixel camera.

Red Magic 3 1920fps Super Slow Motion Sample

With a battery capacity of 5000mA h, it is the largest battery of the Snapdragon 855. It can play 8.65 hours of “Glory of the King” or 7.6 hours of “Stimulus Battlefield”, or 13.66 hours of web browsing and 9.26 hours of video playback.

At the same time support 27W PD fast charge , and compatible with QC4.0, the overall battery life increased by 60%.

In terms of price, the Red Magic 3 esport mobile phone 6GB+64GB is 2899 yuan ( 430$, 30,090₹), 6GB+128 is 3199 yuan (475$, 31199₹), 8GB+128 is 3499 yuan (520$, 36290₹) , and 12GB+256GB is 4299 yuan (639$, 44599₹). This phone provides a total of four colors of iron black, flame red, battlefield camouflage, red and blue competitive version.

Nubia Red Magic 3 Price and Versions
Nubia Red Magic 3 Price and Versions


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