Lei Jun: Xiaomi 9 upgrade three-shot smooth switching function

Xiaomi founder, Xiaomi Group Chairman and CEO Lei Jun just said on Weibo, Xiaomi 9 development version has upgraded the three-shot smooth switching function.

Xiaomi 9 upgrade three-shot smooth switching function

According to Lei Jun, Xiaomi 9 simply zooms in or out, and the system automatically switches to the corresponding telephoto lens or super wide-angle lens, connecting the three lenses together, from 0.6x to 10x zoom, simulating the camera lens zoom feeling. The three lenses will automatically switch to your needs, just like using a lens, which is very convenient and better.

Lei Jun also said that the seemingly simple small function is very complicated, and it needs to switch very quickly between the lenses. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the stable angle of the picture does not jump, and it is the best state with a uniform white balance.


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