Meizu 16s Real life photos Exposure and host dual speaker + external HIFI decoding amp

Meizu 16s Real life photos Exposure and host dual speaker + external HIFI decoding amp 1

Meizu 16s Real Life Photo Exposure

Meizu 16S released soon. Today, there are digital bloggers exposing the real photo of Meizu 16S, let’s take a look.

Meizu 16s real life photos

Meizu 16s real life photos

According to the exposure map, the Meizu 16S rear-mounted vertical double-shot, the back design seems to adopt the curved surface design from the reflective point of view, while the front design is similar to the Meizu 16th series , and does not use the popular full-screen screen such as bangs or water droplets. Design language.

At present, the picture has only been broken by digital bloggers, and its authenticity has not been verified.

Based on the existing news, Meizu 16S body measurements are 151.9*73.4*7.65 mm, the body weight is 166g; the screen uses a 6.2-inch screen with a resolution of 2232*1080; the core configuration, according to the previous Huang Zhang’s own It is said that the aircraft will be equipped with the Snapdragon 855 processor.

Camera, Meizu 16s front 20 million pixels, rear 48 million + 20 million pixels double camera ; body storage, according to the news information display should be 6 +128GB start, no 3.5mm headphone jack, built-in 3540mAh battery.

In addition, according to official news, Meizu 16S will also use a horizontal linear motor, and cancel the 3.5mm headphone jack . today, once again, Meizu technology once again warmed up 16S, said ” retaining 3.5mm headphone port is indeed more pleasing, but better sound quality has a better solution – dual speakers + external HIFI decoding amp Pursuit “, which means that Meizu 16S will cancel the 3.5mm headphone jack. In addition, Meizu said yesterday that the 16S will use a horizontal linear motor.

Meizu 16s No earphones jack

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