Meizu 16s rear dual camera + OIS Huang Zhang: Three photos are hoes

Meizu 16s will host dual Rear Camera + OIS

Meizu 16s will be released on April 23, and the official has begun to warm up the machine. On April 19th, Meizu Technology released a 16s poster, which was written by Huang Zhang in the forum: “One more camera is definitely good marketing, but I choose OIS.”

Meizu 16s

It is reported that Huang Zhang once said in the forum that the so-called three-shot and four-shot are classified as gimmicks. Multiple cameras only add some auxiliary functions. The telephoto and wide-angle sub-cameras are far less good than the main camera. According to the parameters given by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Meizu 16s rear set 48 million + 20 million double camera, of which 48 million main lens for the Sony IMX586, support OIS optical image stabilization. For OIS optical image stabilization, Huang Zhang said earlier that it is possible to take good photos with optical image stabilization. Without optical image stabilization, I am afraid I have to hang on a tripod to shoot the moon. I can take a soft hand and pick a piece to make a sample. Never mind.


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