32 Megapixel AI Selfie Camera Honor 20i officially released : Honor 20i Review

Honor 20i Review

The Honor digital series flagship models are more powerful in appearance, camera, performance and other configurations. For the young fashion consumer groups, each generation of Honor digital flagship will bring us different surprises. Before the release of Honor 20, Honor 20i officially met with us, equipped with a 32-megapixel front-facing camera and a rear-facing 24 megapixel super wide-angle three-shot camera. From the honor 20i, can we see the figure of Honor 20 in advance?

Honor 20i Official Promo

Design: 3D gradient, light and shadow effect is agile
On the back of the honor 20i, the illusion color matching color is used, and the evaluation machine is a gradient blue color. The upper and lower parts of the back of the fuselage are the intersection of blue and purple, which are naturally blended together in the middle of the fuselage. As the angle changes, the light and shadow effects on the fuselage change abruptly, and the light and shadow meet to bring the visual effect of fashion personality.

The back of the phone is designed with a hyperboloid and the curvature is slower, which can effectively improve the feel of the machine. The surface of the curved surface and the middle frame are slightly convex. The camera group on the back of the fuselage is arranged vertically. The AI CAMERA is arranged horizontally next to the camera. There is a different visual experience when it is held horizontally.

The honor 20i is equipped with a 6.21-inch pearl screen with a screen share of up to 90%. The screen resolution is 2340×1080, the color performance and the level of exquisiteness are excellent. The user can also directly adjust the screen color in the system. Friends who are not used to the pearl screen can also hide the top area in the setting interface. In addition, this phone also passed the TÜV Rheinland certified eye protection, which can reduce the damage to the eyes caused by long-term use.

In addition to the chin’s slightly wider chin, the other three sides are very narrow, which can bring a more open visual effect. The width of the border is excellent in the positioning model. Thanks to the narrow bezel + back hyperboloid design, even with a 6.21-inch large screen, it maintains a good grip and can be easily operated with one hand. The feeling of use is small and light, and it is not easy to be tired when used for a long time.

Honor 20i Camera experience

32 Megapixel front camera, rich in details

The Honor 20i is equipped with a 32-megapixel front-facing camera. The size of the photo is 4896×6528, which brings more detail. Honor 20i also brings a different self-timer experience through the cooperation of software and hardware, and the software part optimizes the self-timer algorithm.

Support AI smart beauty, dark light self-timer, backlight self-timer, lipstick color correction and other functions, can achieve the natural beautification of personality. The front camera also supports four pixels in one, which can bring a larger amount of light. The dark light self-timer will also automatically detect the current self-timer environment, and the screen ring fill light will be automatically enabled in the dark light.

Honor 20i Selfie Camera Sample

Honor 20i Selfie Camera Sample
Honor 20i Selfie Camera Sample
Honor 20i Selfie Camera Sample

In the self-timer section, the self-timer sample on the top is taken indoors. The overall look of the photo is excellent, beautiful, and can have more detail after zooming in. From the self-timer sample, the overall exposure is also very good in the backlight environment, and there is no local overexposure or darkness.

The honor 20i is set to a 24 megapixel super wide-angle three-shot combination, 24 megapixel pixels (f/1.8 color) + 8 megapixel (ultra wide angle) + 2 megapixel. The four-in-one mode is turned on in dim light, which improves sensitivity and improves the quality of photos taken in dark light. Ultra-wide-angle lenses provide a wider field of view.

The camera supports the AI smart recognition scene and can be optimized in a targeted manner. Honor 20i also supports AIS handheld super night scene, through which you can get better dark light shooting effects, let’s take a look at the sample together.

In the daytime proofs, even in the dark environment, the sampled samples perform well in color reproduction and detail, and most scenes can be quickly identified. For example, when taking pictures on a cloudy day, the system will automatically recognize the current photo environment, automatically optimize the camera parameters, and enhance the look and feel of the photos.

Honor 20i Normal Mode

Honor 20i Super Night Mode

Honor 20i Normal Mode

Honor 20i Super Night Mode

In the night scene shooting, the Honor 20i supports the AIS handheld super night scene, and the 6-second long exposure can also output a clear picture. The picture above shows the comparison between normal mode and super night mode. As you can see from the proofs, the proofs that turn on the Super Night Scene mode are sharper. Reduced smudge and richer details. The highlights are also handled better, and the light boxes in the distance are clearly visible.

Honor 20i Normal Angle

Honor 20i Wide Angle

The wide-angle function is basically the standard of the current flagship machine, and the Glory 20i is also equipped with a 17mm wide-angle camera with a viewing angle of 120°. Users can get a wider view by turning on the wide-angle function. In some special scenes, you can get different composition effects.

Honor 20i Camera Sample

Honor 20i Camera Sample

Honor 20i Camera Sample

Honor 20i Performance

The honor 20i is equipped with the Kirin 710 chip, which adopts the 12nm process technology, and is designed for four A73+4 A53 cores. The GPU uses four ARM Mali G51s and the system has built-in GPU Turbo2.0. The evaluation machine is a 6GB+256GB combination, which is perfectly fine for everyday use.

Honor 20i Battery Performance

The honor 20i is equipped with a 3400mAh battery and has a maximum charging power of 10W. The endurance test session includes both the above two games and the daily operations such as brushing and vibrating microblogging. The test environment is full of mobile phones without plug-in card and connected to WiFi, screen brightness and volume are kept at 50%, starting from 100% power, continuous 3 hours of battery life test, and record the power changes in each link.

Test items include 60 minutes of 1080P online video playback, 30 minutes of microblogging, 30 minutes of vibrato, 30 minutes of the king, 30 minutes of Jedi survival: stimulating the battlefield. The specific test results are shown below.

Honor 20i battery performance

60 minutes 1080P online video playback power consumption is 12%, 30 minutes microblogging power consumption 5%, 30 minutes vibrato power consumption 6%, 30 minutes king glory power consumption 8%, 30 minutes Jedi survival: stimulate the battlefield power consumption 13% . After 3 hours of battery life test, the remaining power is 56%.

Honor 20i battery performance

On the charging, the phone’s power is automatically turned off and then started to charge, and the battery is recorded every 10 minutes. The specific charging record is as shown above, and it takes 102 minutes to fully charge.

System experience >> fresh and smooth, there are many intimate functions

The honor 20i is equipped with EMUI9.0, and the overall interface style is fresh and simple. Of course, you can also change the theme of different styles through the theme function. EMUI9.0 continues the comprehensive screen gestures that were easy to use before, and the interaction logic is clear and convenient. Support for face unlocking and back fingerprint recognition, both of which unlock very fast.

Honor 20i

The system has a negative screen that integrates useful functions such as smart scenes and shortcuts. It can realize the smart reminder before travel, the recommendation of travel related information, etc. The important travel information can be seen directly on the negative screen, which is more convenient and intimate. Through the shortcut function, you can also go directly to the common page, for example, you can quickly jump to the taxi page through the shortcut button of the shortcut function.

Honor 20i

In terms of communication, AI intelligently identifies whether it is in an elevator or high-speed rail environment, and can optimize the experience of talking and surfing in these two special environments. At the same time, it also supports chip-level anti-counterfeiting base station functions, and communication is more secure.

Honor 20i also supports WLAN+ smart dual channel function. After turning on WLAN+ function, it can intelligently select the best or use WLAN to connect with mobile data network at the same time. You can also get a great experience when the network is not good. Currently adapted software includes WeChat, Alipay, Taobao, Vibrato, Drip and so on.

Summary: From the perspective of comprehensive configuration, the honor 20i is not a game player. It is very concerned about the design of the mobile phone, and the people who require a very high self-portrait effect. The rear-facing 24 million super wide-angle three-shot brings a high-quality photo experience. At the same time, the super wide-angle addition can also enrich the camera function and bring a better photo experience. Although the price has not been announced in the evaluation of the evaluation, but I believe that the honor 20i will have a relatively large price competitiveness, and a friend who has a particularly high self-timer has another choice.

Honor 20i Price

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