RICOH Handy Printer that you can carry with you in your pocket

Ricoh Handy Printer

Ricoh launched a new handheld printer, people only need to slide the handheld printer on paper or other plane to print a variety of patterns or text. At present, Ricoh has launched three different color handheld printers in red, black and white.

Ricoh Handy Printer

Ricoh Handy Printer

This handheld printer supports monochrome printing. In addition to traditional text support, it can also print QR codes, barcodes, pictures, etc. The ink used in the printer is fast-drying waterproof ink, even on smooth surfaces or product packaging. Can print.

Ricoh Handy Printer

Ricoh Handy Printer

Ricoh Handy Printer

Ricoh Handy Printer

The overall size is 46x81x121mm, weighs 315g, and can be connected to mobile phones, computers and other devices via Bluetooth or data cable. At present, there are roller mode and slider mode. It should be noted that this printer has very limited text and pattern because of its small size. The maximum width of the QR code is 12.7mm, and the maximum width of the barcode is 13.5mm. Prints up to 500 characters and measures 13.5x594mm. The resolution is 600×600 dpi.

This handheld printer uses a lightweight battery that can be powered for two hours. Currently, this product is scheduled to be released on the 17th. At that time, users in need can buy it at 52,000 yen (about RMB 3,115) in Japan.



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