Samsung Galaxy A80 Performance: Snapdragon 730 shows the power

Samsung Galaxy A80

Samsung Galaxy A80

Yesterday evening, Samsung officially released its new Galaxy A80, a non-aliased full-screen phone with a lift + flip camera design.

Samsung Galaxy A80 Specifications

Configuration, Galaxy A80 equipped with Snapdragon 730 mobile platform, 6.7-inch 2400×1080 resolution display, built-in 8GB memory and 128GB storage, providing 48 megapixel + 8 megapixel + 3D ToF three-shot, battery capacity 3700mAh, support 25W fast Charge.

Snapdragon 730 Specifications

As we all know, Snapdragon 730 is a new generation of mid-range mobile platform that Qualcomm just released yesterday. It is manufactured by Samsung 8nm LPP process. The CPU part uses two 2.2GHz Kryo 470 cores with six 1.8GHz Kryo 470 cores. The GPU is Adreno 618, clocked at 700MHz.

In terms of performance, Antutu Benchmark ran from the background to the Qualcomm development prototype running around 210,000. So, what is the difference between the running score of Samsung Galaxy A80 and the engineering machine?

Samsung Galaxy A80 Benchmark

Antutu Benchmark found a new Samsung model SM-A805F in the background. According to the model and configuration, this should be the Galaxy A80 just released.

Samsung Galaxy A80 Antutu Benchmark

In terms of running points, the current score of Galaxy A80 is 207,082, which is not very different from Qualcomm’s development machine, basically in the same interval.

This achievement has actually been very close to or even surpassed Qualcomm’s flagship product, the Snapdragon 835. Overall, the advantage of the Snapdragon 730 is in the CPU (after all, the A76 architecture), and there is still a certain gap between the GPU and the Snapdragon 835.


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