Nubia alpha Flexible Wearable official version released

Nubia A Flexible Wearable

Nubia A Flexible Wearable

Nubia a Flexible Wearable Price and Specifications

This afternoon, Nubian nubia-α “Watch Machine” National Bank version officially released in Beijing, which black version eSIM version price 3499 yuan, 18K gold plating eSIM card version price 4499 yuan. Officially opened for sale on the morning of April 10.

Nubia-α is a new form of intelligent terminal device that not only has the calling function of a smart phone, but also can be worn on the wrist to transform into a smart watch. With the independent 4G network connection capability supported by eSIM, Nubian α Support WeChat function, and implement WeChat video, voice call, receive text, voice information and so on.

The Nubian α uses a 4.01-inch flexible display. This curved screen was jointly developed by Nubia and screen supplier Visionox. It uses the sixth-generation AMOLED flexible display as the Nubian alpha display. This screen is the world’s first mass production flexible screen.

In terms of parameters, nubia-α screen resolution is 960*192, 244PPI, built-in 500mAh battery, can be used normally for two days, the processor is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100, 1GB RAM + 8GB ROM, with 5 megapixel camera With f/2.2 aperture and 82° wide angle.

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Nubian α has the Full Touch Photogrraphy function. You can take photos by tapping any screen in the camera interface, press any screen long to shoot, and share it quickly with friends.

According to Ni Fei, nubia-α uses a flexible OLED screen structure of up to 11 layers. Its adhesive reliability and light transmission during the bending process pose great challenges for Nubia and Vision. After numerous experiments, the screen finally achieved a thickness of only 0.64 mm, with a twist life of more than 100,000 times and meets the requirements of dustproof and waterproof.

Of course, for a smart device in the form of a watch, the configuration is not the focus of nubia-α. In terms of operational interaction, Nubia brings “volley operation” to nubia-α, that is, the finger does not need to touch the screen. The screen can be operated, and with the Nubian built-in gesture sensor, the user can control the screen by sliding up and down and left and right.

The nubia-α is equipped with the αOS system, which has a magic body and a screen clock function, and offers a variety of dial adapters. Customizable text content, support for horizontal and vertical display, etc., Always on Display, other features include built-in music playback, Mavericks voice, mobile payment, mobile navigation, motion monitoring and more.

Nubian alpha built-in health professional module, a rich selection of sports modes. For example, exercise tracking, heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminders, etc., to be your health partner, add points for health. Nubian Alpha can also implement a wrist-lit screen and message reminder so that you don’t miss important news.

The replacement of the traditional physical SIM card by eSIM is the trend of the times. Nubian Alpha and @China Unicom strategic cooperation, support online application for eSIM “one-digit dual terminal”, “independent number” service, so that travel only with Nubian Alpha!

Nubian alpha wristband material is 316L stainless steel, black is 205 zircon sand blasting, black PVD plating on the surface, gold is multi-grinding polishing + drawing + bracelet, crown and back cover are 18K gold plating treatment. The whole machine adopts an internal locking screw structure, and the wristband is simple and easy to disassemble, and can be adapted to different wrists.

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