Meizu 16s Appeared on MIIT

In the Ministry of Industry and Information that a new model of the Meizu new model is M971Q. The date of the license for the network access license is April 2, which can be said to be very fresh and hot.

Meizu 16s Official Picture

Combined with Meizu’s previous model rules and the new machine that An Bunny has counted in the background, the final model of this “M971Q” should be Meizu 16s.

In terms of appearance, the new machine basically retains the Meizu 16th shape design, adopts a non-shaped full-screen, retains the forehead and chin, this comprehensive screen solution can be said to be deeply loved by users.

Since the ID card of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has not been screened, it is still unclear what the product ratio is compared to the Meizu 16th. It is said that the gap is not large.

However, the back design and the Meizu 16th are significantly different. The first is that the camera shifts from the center position to the upper left corner. It is still a vertical scheme, and it is a double shot, and does not use three shots.

It is worth mentioning that the color of the top of the back of the camera does not seem to be the same as the back of the fuselage, so will Meizu be creative in this part? Wait and see…

Extracted Images for better understanding


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