Lenovo Z6 Pro box announced; New video teaser surfaces

Lenovo Z6 Pro Retail Box

Today morning, Lenovo mobile phone officially announced the Z6 Pro packaging box design. The official said that the product and packaging design of the Lenovo Z6 Pro are from the hands of the Beijing Olympic Games Xiangyun Torch Designer . According to this statement, Lenovo Z6 Pro mobile phone is also involved in the design of Xiangyun Torch Designer?

Lenovo Z6 Pro Retail Box

According to the previous release of the poster, it seems that the phone supports the screen fingerprint , or it implies that this model supports wireless charging and other features. In addition, it has been determined that the Lenovo Z6 Pro will be equipped with the Snapdragon 855 processor and support 5G.

And the routine is still on Weibo, indicating that Lenovo Z6 Pro will also have billion-level pixels and also support super macro function. Routine prompting Z6 Pro’s Hyper Video on Weibo with different type of video Teasers. Some of them here, Take a look…

Lenovo Z6 Pro Teaser

Lenovo Z6 Pro Super Night View

Lenovo Z6 Pro Super Steady Shot

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