Xiaomi Demonstrated Once again it's Foldable Phone 1

Xiaomi Demonstrated Once again it’s Foldable Phone

Xiaomi Foldable Phone Demo

Xiaomi officially announced its own foldable mobile phone, when Xiaomi official said it might be the world’s first double-folding mobile phone. Now, Xiaomi’s official website has released a short video of a double-folded mobile phone. Let’s take a look.

Xiaomi Foldable Phone Hands On Video

Xiaomi official microblogging said, “When working overtime, it is recommended to choose a double folding screen with instant noodles.”

Xiaomi Linbin said at the time of the announcement of the double-folding mobile phone, “We have made the first place after overcoming a series of technical problems such as flexible folding screen technology, four-wheel drive folding shaft technology, flexible cover technology, and MIUI adaptation. The folding screen mobile phone should also be the world’s first double-folding mobile phone. This symmetrical double-folding form perfectly combines the experience of the tablet and mobile phone, which is both practical and beautiful. Although it is still an engineering machine, it is sent out for everyone to see. If everyone likes it, we will consider launching a mass production machine in the future.”

After the media group interview after the Xiaomi 9 conference, Lei Jun said that many companies are pre-exploring various projects. Since last year, I don’t know who brought the head, and the technology of the pre-research has been released, driving us crazy. Before the Spring Festival, we announced a double-folding mobile phone. I think its mass production is not good enough, because the battery is very poor, because the space is occupied by a few folds.

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Xiaomi Foldable Phone


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