Lenovo’s routine preheating Z6 Pro: 100 Megapixel Camera

Lenovo Z6 Pro will be Equipped with 100 Megapixel Camera

Lenovo Group Vice President Chang Cheng released the Z6 Pro notice on Weibo this morning, with the map showing Lenovo Z6 Pro will have ” 100 million pixels “, this Lenovo new machine will be in April Meet with you.

Lenovo Z6 Pro

Just now, the routine has pre-warmed a new feature of the Lenovo Z6 Pro on the microblogging – super macro function. From the video given in the routine, the super macro function of the Lenovo Z6 Pro can see the flow of bubbles in the water droplets.

According to the posters released in the past, it seems to imply that this phone supports screen fingerprints , or it implies that this model supports wireless charging and other features. In addition, it has been confirmed that Lenovo Z6 Pro will be announced in April this year, this phone will be equipped with Snapdragon 855 processor and support 5G.

Source ( Chinese )

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