OPPO announces production of Reno creative video: no screw that can’t be screwed

OPPO announces production of Reno creative video: no screw that can't be screwed 1

OPPO officially released a factory to produce Reno mobile phone creative video, and the text ” no screw and code can not be completed. ” The video reveals how the Reno phone meets consumers through exaggerated techniques.

Oppo Reno First Warm-up Factory Video

According to the existing news, OPPO Reno will have two versions of the new machine, one is the “flagship” ten times zoom version, and the other is the “light flagship” standard version. The former will be equipped with the Snapdragon 855 processor, which uses a combination of ten times hybrid optical zoom and a 4065 mAh battery. According to a Bluetooth certified CPO -1917 OPPO phone , the Reno new machine has a processor of 710. The version, no accident should be Reno’s “light flagship” standard version.

OPPO Vice President shen yiren said that OPPO Reno new machine will have two versions, a “flagship” ten times zoom version, a “light flagship” standard version , to different The user of the demand.

Do not like the screen drops, bangs and digging holes, the overall performance of Reno is definitely the first in your list of replacements in the first half of this year. Requires higher performance game experience. If you want to take photos, you can consider Reno’s ten times mixed optical version. For users with mainstream performance requirements, you can consider Reno Standard 710 with Sony 48 million pixels.


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