Leading the full screen: Official Xiaomi Mix 4 Poster in Advance 1

Leading the full screen: Official Xiaomi Mix 4 Poster in Advance

Leading the full screen, the official poster warms up in advance “Xiaomi Mi MIX 4”

Last night, Xiaomi MIX official microblogging exposed the millet MIX 1 generation, Xiaomi MIX 2, Xiaomi MIX 3 series mobile phone inventory, and Imagine the future full-screen form. Not surprisingly, this year Xiaomi will also release Xiaomi MIX 4 new generation MIX series full-screen mobile phone.

Xiaomi Mix 4 Poster
Xiaomi Mix 4 Poster

The following is an introduction to the Xiaomi MIX series:

On October 25, 2016, Xiaomi MIX, opened the full screen era

September 11, 2017, Xiaomi MIX 2, full ceramic full screen

October 25, 2018, Xiaomi MIX 3, magnetic power slide full screen

If you follow the previous practice, Xiaomi MIX 4 is expected to be released in September or October.

It is reported that in December last year, GF Securities (Hong Kong) released the Xiaomi market performance report forecast, saying that Xiaomi 9 will be Xiaomi’s first mobile phone with a three-camera lens (has been released), and Xiaomi MIX 4 will also Configure three shots and add a periscope lens, but the display specifications are not clear.

Xiaomi MIX 4 will be equipped with Qualcomm Xiaolong 855 processor. According to some Korean media forecasts, Xiaomi MIX 4 will adopt a foldable screen design, but it has not yet been fully determined.

Xiaomi MIX 3 5G version is Xiaomi’s first 5G model, but Xiaomi MIX 4 may be equipped with the original 5G Snapdragon 855 Soc platform.


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