Vivo X27/Pro officially released: rear 48 Megapixel triple camera

Vivo, officially released the vivo X27 new machine, the machine is equipped with 48 million wide-angle night scene three shots, using pop-up front Camera design.

Vivo X27
Vivo X27
Vivo X27

In terms of design, the core design concept of the X27 series is hidden. The machine adopts a pop-up hidden front-end design, using a 19.5:9 6.39-inch Super Amoled zero-screen full-screen, receiver, ambient light detection sensor, and infrared proximity detection sensor. It is a hidden design. The machine also uses a 3D four-curved battery cover, which is continuously integrated with the zigzag arc of the middle frame and the front screen. Vivo X27 has three colors of “Bichen Blue”, “Powder Gold” and “Emerald Color”, which adopts a new craft texture – peacock pattern. Introducing nano-scale multiple exposure + plasma polishing technology to achieve a rounded and smooth microstructure with numerous changes in the radius of the section. Every detail of the phone is different, and the color of the back changes continuously.

Vivo X27

In addition, the X27 subtly presents the stepper motor, the front camera and the rear three cameras in a vertical direction by laminating, bringing the “cloud multi-focus camera module” with the original distributed function. It is unified with the elements and presents a minimalist design. The rear camera hides and makes the back smoother.

The X27 uses a transparent light lift camera. The rising speed is as fast as 0.68s. Two semi-transparent light guide strips are added to the left and right sides of the camera. Two LED lights are hidden inside the fuselage, and six colors can be displayed through the setting. At the time of self-timer, the camera rises quickly and simultaneously illuminates two halo of vertical parallel symmetry.

Vivo X27

Configuration, vivo X27 equipped with Snapdragon 710 processor, 8 + 256GB memory combination, low version with Snapdragon 675, 8 + 128GB memory combination, standard 4000mAh large battery, support vivo FlashCharge flash charge, standard power 22.5W, can Achieve bright screen fast charge.

Vivo X27

For photos, the vivo X27 is equipped with 48 million pixels and three cameras. It supports 120-degree super wide angle, 2.5cm super macro, new super night scene, super backlight and other camera modes, as well as exclusive star filters, such as Liu Wen’s customized retro. Film filters and Xiao Quan’s custom black and white portrait filters.

Vivo X27

In other respects, the vivo X27 is equipped with the sixth generation of screen fingerprint technology HD. The sensor area is doubled, the detected finger area is increased by 27% (7*7mm), the dynamic range is increased by 30%, the image is clearer (1.3*), and the recognition rate of special scenes (dry finger, low temperature) is increased by 50%.

The vivo X27 comes pre-installed with the Funtouch OS 9 system, with 72 new features, 55 interactive optimizations, and 263 UI improvements. Significantly de-carding the system interface, reducing all obstacles to vertical visual extension, supporting a new dynamic blackout clock (reminding near-going travel information); new screen fingerprinting; brand new semi-abstract wallpaper; new dark mode (suitable With nearly 300 applications, it can intelligently distinguish between video, games, photos, screen power consumption up to 82%); and new icons. A brand new shared photo album, a new sweep (commodity text translation encyclopedia, payment courier sharing bicycles, and even physical business cards, etc.), new vivo mutual transmission, such as human ear custom sound effects, fast center, ticketing assistant, game countdown and so on.

On the X27, the 2-year-old Jovi Voice Assistant has the ability to multi-round conversations while also supporting cross-app platform collections. Vivo X27 also supports the Multi-Turbo optimization function debuted on the iQOO mobile phone; it supports zero-sensitivity water-cooling heat dissipation, which can reduce the maximum temperature of the mobile phone surface by about 2-3°, and the CPU core temperature is reduced by more than 12 degrees.

Vivo X27 PRO

In addition, vivo also launched a new vivo X27 Pro machine, using a 20.5:9 zero-boundary full screen, 6.7-inch large screen, 92.12% of the screen. It is the first double-sided slide of vivo, which adopts U-shaped board with 10-layer PCB design and 4000mAh large battery. On the back, the X27 Pro’s cloud multi-focus camera module features a center-axis symmetrical design. The front is equipped with 32 million HD self-timer, also equipped with dual RGB soft light. It provides black pearl + white mother color, and a night vision camera. Other configurations are the same as the normal version of X27 (8+256GB).

Vivo X27 Pro Hands On Video

Vivo X27 | X27 Pro Price

Vivo X27 8GB + 256 Price
Vivo X27 8GB + 128GB Price
Vivo X27 Pro 8GB + 256GB Price

In terms of price, vivo X27 8+128GB version sold 3198 yuan, sold on March 30; 8+256GB version sold for 3598 yuan, sold on March 23; X27 Pro sold for 3998 yuan.

Vivo X27 | X27 Pro Promotional Videos

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