Shen Yiren: Reno’s new machine chin width is very close to Find X

OPPO Vice President Shen Yiren released a contrast picture of the mobile phone chin tonight, one of which is Find X, one is Reno new machine, he said Reno (right) and Find X (left The chin is very close.)

He also said that the width of the left and right borders of the new machine is 1.63mm, the width of the upper frame is 1.8mm, and the width of the bottom frame is 3.5mm. For comparison, the width of the lower frame of Find X is 3.4mm. Both phones are in the Android camp. A type that is very narrow in the bottom border.

The new Reno will be officially released on April 10th, equipped with a Snapdragon 855 with a 10x hybrid zoom and a 4065mAh battery.


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