Nubia Ni Fei exposed Red Devil 3 configuration: 12GB RAM, Snapdragon 855

Today, Nubia Ni Fei exposed the Red Devils 3 configuration on Weibo, let’s take a look.

Ni Fei said that Nubian’s Red Devils game mobile phone 3 will be equipped with the industry’s strongest mobile processing platform (Snapdragon 855) , which is equipped with the highest operating memory (12GB) in the industry , and the screen is equipped with far more than PC display refresh. The screen of the rate is bigger and more refreshing and more eye-protecting; it is far more than one level of large-capacity battery than the previous generation upgrade; the previous generation has a large upgrade of the standard 4 finger chicken body button and 4D shock linear motor.

Red devil 3
Red devil 3

In addition, the Red Devils game phone 3 will also use air-cooled liquid cooling, turbo fan cooling technology.

Nubia Red Devil 3 Core Specifications

  • 1. Air-cooled liquid cooling must have, turbo fan really has;
  • 2. The industry’s strongest mobile processing platform;
  • 3. The highest operating memory in the industry;
  • 4. Far Ultra-PC display refresh rate screen, bigger and more cool and more eye-protection;
  • 5. More than one level of large-capacity battery upgrade than the previous generation;
  • 6. The previous generation comes standard with 4 fingers to eat chicken physical button, 4D shock linear motor There is a big upgrade.
  • The game experience brought by the Red Devils 3 is described as “easy super god, stepping on the canyon, lying down to eat chicken.” Players wait a little, and in April, team


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