Black Shark 2

Black Shark Game Phone 2 officially announced! Starting from 3199 yuan

Black Shark launched the new Black Shark game phone 2, this phone from the price of 3199 yuan, a total of shadow black and ice silver color.

Black Shark 2 Price

Black Shark 2 Price

Black Shark 2 Shadow Black Trailer

Black Shark 2 Frozen Silver Trailer

The new Black Shark game phone 2 uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor to support the special elite gaming technology. In addition, the Black Shark game phone 2 supports the Magic Press dual half screen unlimited pressure sensing control, the player can achieve two fingers to four fingers, four Refers to the operation of changing six fingers.

In addition, Black Shark Game 2 also has a new liquid-cooled 3.0-tower global liquid cooling system. The whole system includes double-drive liquid-cooled components, large-size liquid-cooled plates, high-efficiency heat-conducting copper plates, and direct-contact liquid cooling. Patented, liquid-cooled tube assembly control power supply… A series of liquid-cooled black technology will increase the heat-dissipation area by 5 times, and the heat-dissipation efficiency of the non-direct-touch design will be increased by 20 times.

In addition, Black Shark game phone 2 also supports 240Hz touch report rate, professional touch algorithm optimization for the game, and system-level touch response optimization, Black Shark game phone 2 screen touch response time is only 43.5 millisecond.

Black Shark 2 Liquid Cool 3.0 – Here is How it works

In addition to these, Black Shark Game 2 also has a separate image processing chip, four-channel light source sensor, with AI image recognition function, can adjust the display parameters according to ambient light and content changes. Plus full DC dimming.

Black Shark 2 Back Lighting Illustration

In the color matching, there is a brand new frozen silver version. The price is 3199 yuan for the 6+128GB version, 3499 yuan for the 8+128GB, 3799 yuan for the 8+256GB version, and 4199 yuan for the 12+256GB version.

Black Shark Game Phone 2 will officially open pre-sale at Black Shark Mall, Xiaomi Mall and Jingdong Mall at 22:00 tonight.

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