OPPO officially announced the Color OS 6 system

OPPO officially announced the Color OS 6 system 1

Oppo Color Os 6 All-new Features

On March 17, OPPO held a color OS 6 meeting in Chengdu, officially released a new Color OS 6 system.

Color OS 6 was first announced in November last year, and then opened beta. Interestingly, at the press conference, Color OS 6 design director Chen Xi said that during the beta period, the Chengdu area had the highest internal activity, even half the OPPO headquarters in Shenzhen.

Color OS 6 adopts the concept of borderless design, which uses the light, light and elegant design of the bright light to dilute the user’s anxiety and optimize a large number of detailed experiences, such as reducing the size and color of the icon and making uniform and planning.

At the same time, at the press conference, OPPO also announced the launch of Color OS neutral, confident, eye-catching new logo, and the development of a new digital art wallpaper in cooperation with the German ANF; new “Borderless” icon, more reasonable size, graphics and The color system is to go further in the United States.

Color OS6 also uses a new animation and interaction, redraw 3500+ animation, the whole interaction process is more in line with physical intuition, more smart, more follow-up; optimize desktop editing and interactive interaction with albums, text messages, etc. ColorOS 6 is more efficient and smoother to use.

In terms of functionality, Color OS6 has introduced ultra-clear visual effects for images, optimized video playback quality, and improved picture clarity and brightness.

For gamers, the new TouchBoost optimizes Android source code, touch driver, rendering output, and CPU scheduling, reducing latency by nearly 40ms, increasing the speed of eating chicken game movement by 21.6%, and improving the mobile response speed of MOBA games by 16.2%. FrameBoost technology can also intelligently judge the time of skydiving and opening a group, and lock the big core in advance to increase the frequency. The official indicates that the frame rate stability is improved by 38%.

In terms of intelligence, we have added a new assistant, Breeno. Through active sensing, scene judgment, voice, image recognition and other technologies, Breeno is like your private life steward, providing you with active and intimate scene intelligent services.

In terms of security, it provides remote guarding functions to keep elders away from phone fraud and harassment, record elder activities and sports information in real time, and intelligently remind children of abnormal activities to provide better help for family members.

Finally, OPPO announced that the new flagship mobile phone Reno will debut on April 10th. Later today, OPPO officials will announce some upgrade arrangements for the old models.

Oppo Reno Official poster


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