Nubia Red Devil 3 Exposure : Bigger Battery, Slimmer Body and New Cooling Technology

Nubia Red Devil 3

Ni Fei, general manager of Nubian smartphone, announced the details of the Nubian Red Devils 3 e-sports phone. Ni Fei said that there are fans who worry that the Red Devils 3 will be thick or the battery is small when they join the fan. Here you can clearly tell everyone that the thickness of the Red Devils 3 is thinner than the previous generation and the battery capacity is larger.

In 2018, Nubia launched two Red Devils series phones: the Red Devils game phone and the Red Devils Mars E-sports phone, both of which are 3800mAh batteries.

It is speculated that the Red Devil 3 battery capacity may be 4000mAh or more than 4000mAh. If it is combined with the excellent power control of the Snapdragon 855, the battery life performance is worth looking forward to.

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According to the information released by Ni Fei, the biggest highlight of the Red Devils 3 is heat dissipation. Ni Fei said that we have developed a composite “air-cooled × liquid cooling” cooling module (patent number CN 109362207 A), once again challenging the industrial design, adding fan design to the very small mobile phone space, active Intervention with the heat source, quickly take away the heat, to achieve the unprecedented low temperature level, Red Devil 3 will become the world’s first mobile phone using the fan technology for active cooling.


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