OPPO Reno will be equipped with Breeno Assistant

December 2018 OPPO officially launched the assistant Breeno in China. Breeno combines the capabilities of perception, decision-making, and learning evolution to enable people to interact more naturally with smart terminals, including mobile phones, and to achieve a better intelligent service experience. Now OPPO’s upcoming new machine, Reno, will also be equipped with this assistant, and the functions of listening, speaking and watching will be fully upgraded.

According to the official introduction, Breeno has many new functions such as screen recognition, recognition, quick view, voice, driving, and advice.

According to the previous introduction, OPPO will invest more in the AI field, making Breeno the user’s “personal AI housekeeper”, playing the role of “pan-ecological center” in the future, integrating and connecting IoT, wearable devices, car networking and more. Platform.

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