Oppo Reno Phone’s All Four Colors Leaked

On March 11th, OPPO announced on the official Weibo that OPPO’s new series Reno was officially launched and released the heavy news on April 10, which caused many netizens to discuss it. On the 12th, OPPO Vice President Shen Yiren revealed on the Weibo the first batch of Reno’s foggy sea green, mist powder, polar night black, and nebula purple color, and said that the four colors with fog characters are matte texture.

Today (13th), some netizens exposed Reno’s new color matching body design. It can be seen from the exposed pictures that Reno’s back design seems to be the same as the fog light gradient design of the R17 series, which can be aggregated into an S-shaped curve on the back of the mobile phone under the light and shadow flow. At the same time, through the special AG fog surface etching process, The surface of the glass forms a matte texture, which gives a unique look that is similar to light passing through the fog. At the same time, it achieves a silky smooth feel, is not easy to contaminate fingerprints, and achieves a new upgrade of texture.

Oppo Reno All Colors

Oppo Reno All Colors

Oppo Reno All Colors

Oppo Reno All Colors




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