Vivo X27 Pro Poster

Vivo X27 Pro Exposure Along With Vivo X27 and Vivo S1

Like the low-priced and high-priced main machine of the blue and green factory in the past, vivo was quickly sent to the real machine rendering after the official X27. According to the official posters and exposure photos, the vivo X27 will adopt a NEX-like lifting and front-end design, and the rear will be 48 million three-shot. The biggest highlight is that the camera is not raised.

Vivo X27
Vivo X27

In this era of camera bulging is the mainstream design, the vivo X27 does not bulge is definitely an excellent thing. However, the machine did not become higher because of the camera’s non-bumping value, because the black circle around the camera is reduced, the black is directly to the top, and the color of the body is very different, so the design behind it is somewhat Ugly.

Vivo X27
Vivo X27
In addition to the low value of the face, the vivo X27 uses a lifting front and the camera does not bulge, the news that the thickness of the machine is close to 9mm, which is very thick. In addition, the vivo X27 is equipped with the Snapdragon 710/675 processor, which is the same as the previous main machine, and the price is expected to be around 3,000 yuan.
Vivo X27 Pro Poster
Vivo X27 Pro Poster

According to the above situation, the vivo X27 should be like this, but what is unexpected is that the vivo X27 has more than one model. According to the photos of the offline store that was exposed, there was a bigger lift in the poster of the vivo X27. The news was that the aircraft was a vivo X27 Pro. The proactively upgraded from 16 million to 32 million, and a new fill light was added.

Vivo X27 Specifications, vivo x27 pro Specifications, vivo s1 Specifications,
Vivo X27 vs X27 Pro vs S1

Finally: In addition to the vivo X27 and X27 Pro, it is reported that there is also a vivo S1, which will be equipped with MediaTek P70 processor. At present, the configuration information and price of the three new models of vivo have appeared on the Internet, which basically conforms to the low-priced and high-priced style of the blue-green factory Ov. The battery is still around 4000mAh.



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