Meizu Flyme OS 7 : 10 Highlights

Meizu Flyme OS 7 : 10 Highlights 1

The annual Spring Festival is approaching, can you not accept the heart of going home? Don’t worry, here is a copy of the Flyme 7 New Year stable version that has been prepared for you for a long time, a big wave of new spring and beautiful features, waiting for you to accept ~

1. Time video editing you like

The “Time” video supports the addition and deletion of photo collections. You can also select and adjust the video cover, title and music according to your preferences, so that the memories are more characteristic.

Edit path: “Gallery – Time – Video Play”

2. Easy gestures to easily deal with every operation

The sides of the phone slide back to the upper level, the bottom slides back to the desktop, and the bottom slides to the multi-task management.

Set the path: “Settings – Navigation and Multitasking – Navigation Bar – Simple Gestures”

3. Quickly select screenshots to share and delete

After the screenshot, you can select to share or delete the operation in the current interface. If you choose to share, you can check the sharing and delete the screenshot to reduce the memory usage of the phone.

Flyme OS 7

4. Recording sound is only recorded.

The Meizu 16 series offers a variety of screen sound sources: the system does not check the “microphone” by default. At this time, only the system sound in the screen is recorded. If the microphone is not checked, the system will not record any sound. Check the “microphone”. Increase ambient sound recording.

Flyme OS 7

5. Dark environment to unlock any environment for any use

In a dark environment, that is, when the screen brightness is <20lcd/m2 or the ambient illuminance is <4lux, the screen brightness can be automatically increased to an appropriate value before the face is recognized, and then the face is illuminated by the brightness of the screen to complete the face. Unlock and use your phone in an instant.

Flyme OS 7

6. Intelligent screen image music one-click recognition
The image recognition and music recognition module can be added to accurately identify image information of celebrities, famous paintings, books, cars, plants, red wines, etc., and can also accurately identify singers, songs and other information, more recognition, more display, and access to Jingdong , support the rapid purchase after identification, all materials are mastered.

Flyme OS 7

When you receive a picture with a mobile number, you can press and hold a smart phone to quickly identify the phone number and speed dial.

In addition, we also access Baidu translation, long press the content to identify the text option, support translation and copy the results, accurate and convenient.

7. Voice Assistant provides services anytime, anywhere

The power button wakes up the voice assistant, which is another fast wake-up mechanism after App wake-up, remote wake-up and voice wake-up. It is more convenient only in various forms.

The voice assistant can be suspended in the system, always on standby, providing services anytime, anywhere, including making calls, sending WeChat, querying routes and application control, etc., only waiting for you to order.

Flyme OS 7

8. Easier to call out personal assistants and global search
The Flyme desktop adds a negative screen, slides to the right in the first screen of the desktop and enters the personal assistant; after sliding on the desktop, it calls out the global search, which makes it easier to use each gesture.

Flyme OS 7

9. Sogou input method chat is more exciting

Join the Sogou input method Meizu version, log in to the account, one-click synchronization, the vocabulary with you, the expression everywhere, the Spring Festival fight? Not afraid.

It also supports shortcut functions such as clipboard, slide input, keyboard adjustment, multi-language voice input, etc. Chat is more powerful.

Flyme OS 7

10. Driving mode is smart and safe

The new driver assistance 2.0 is coming, and on the basis of the original intelligent driving assistance, more safe driving functions are added. For example, by adding One Mind to the new Bluetooth recognition engine, you can intelligently identify and automatically connect the car Bluetooth. In addition, the incoming call notification also supports voice playback and control. By default, the hands-free mode is enabled, and the behavior of obstructing safe driving such as hand-held calls is refused while driving, and the safety factor is maximized.

Flyme OS 7

The highlights of this Flyme 7 New Year’s stable version are introduced here, and there are more surprises waiting for you to experience the discovery.

You know that I will definitely “pig” you for the Spring Festival~ Wish all the fascinating friends a healthy new year, full of harvest, and the most important thing is to continue to support Meizu Flyme! Thanksgiving.


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