BlackShark Liquid Cooling 3.0 Technology Tower Global Liquid Cooling System Announced

BlackShark 2 will bring Liquid Cooling 3.0

January of this year, a new black shark codenamed “skywalker” appeared in the Geekbench running sub-database. According to the running data, this phone will be equipped with the Snapdragon 855 processor and will have an 8GB memory version. In addition to the basic “flagship standard” hardware, today’s Black Shark has released more technical information.

This morning, Nanchang Black Shark Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Peter announced through Weibo that the black shark will soon release liquid cooling 3.0 technology: tower-type global liquid cooling system.

In recent years, the use of advanced cooling technology on smartphones is nothing new. For example, the Note9 series released by Samsung last year used a carbon fiber liquid cooling system, and the liquid cooling copper tube increased nearly three times in size; glory, black shark, Mobile phone brands such as the Red Devils also use a more complicated cooling system on their own products.

As the hardware performance increases, the scene of the user using the smartphone is more complicated, and a good cooling system is very important for the actual user experience. For a game phone, in addition to making the phone not hot, keeping the hardware running for a long time and high efficiency is also a must.


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