Nokia 9 PureView Camera Sample and Official Specifications

Nokia 9 PureView Camera Sample and Official Specifications 1

On February 25th, HMD officially released Nokia 9 PureView at MWC2019. It is the new flagship model after Nokia 8, and it is also the world’s first mobile phone with five cameras. 

The biggest highlight of the machine is the five cameras on the back, which means it has excellent photo effects. It is reported that Nokia 9 PureView rear five ZEISS cameras, the camera parts are not raised, five lenses are 12 million pixels, the aperture is f / 1.8, controlled by ASIC chip.

These five lenses are composed of dual 12-megapixel color lenses and three 12-megapixel black-and-white lenses, but unlike other multi-camera phones on the market, the Nokia 9 PureView’s five-camera lens can work together to capture light and collect. Depth data, the official said that the amount of incoming light is 10 times higher than that of a single camera.

Configuration, Nokia 9 PureView uses 5.99-inch screen, resolution 2K, supports HDR10, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip, equipped with 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM, using screen fingerprint technology, battery capacity is 3320mAh, support QC4.0+ fast Charged with wireless charging, running Android 9.0 Pie. 

Finally, the price, the aircraft will be officially listed in March, the US market price of 699 US dollars.

Nokia 9 PureView Camera Sample

As can be seen from the proofs, the effect of the five-shot lens is very powerful, especially in terms of details, and the amount of light is excellent, and it can take clear pictures in a darker environment.

However, there is news that the machine has a long process in shooting, which should be related to the coordination of the five-shot lens, and should be optimized and improved in the later stage.

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