Lin Bin issued a video test Xiaomi 9 screen fingerprint recognition

Xiaomi 9 officially released, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, full-surface holographic illusion fuselage, equipped with Sony 48 Megapixel super wide-angle macro AI three-shot, full of materials, and finally Lei Jun announced that the Xiaomi 9 6GB+128GB version is priced at 2,999 yuan, and the 8GB+128GB version is priced at 3,299 yuan.

Xiaomi 9 Screen Fingerprint Test

According to reports, Xiaomi 9 is equipped with the fifth generation optical screen fingerprint recognition. Under the OLED screen, an optical fingerprint sensor consisting of three lenses is hidden. Similar to the macro camera, the single pixel is up to 5μm, and the unlocking speed is faster. In addition, Xiaomi 9 has improved the unlocking success rate in the scenes of dry fingers, low temperature and direct sunlight. At night or in dimly lit scenes, lower the fingerprint to unlock the brightness of the display area and reduce the visual discomfort caused by unlocking the light leakage.

Xiaomi President Lin Bin released Weibo: “The optical screen fingerprint of Xiaomi 9 is unlocked, which is much better than the previous generation. In addition to the 25% increase in unlocking speed, we also specialize in dry fingers, low temperature, etc. The use of the scene has been optimized, and the unlock rate has been greatly improved.” And the effect is shown by video.
Xiaomi MI 9 Optical Screen Fingerprint Test Video ( Reuploaded on YouTube for better experience )

In the video, the Xiaomi 9 screen is unlocked 100 times by dry fingers, including normal temperature dry fingers and low temperature glare dry fingers for comparison test. The display unlock rate is still high.

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