Lenovo Z6 Pro will be officially announced at MWC 2019 1

Lenovo Z6 Pro will be officially announced at MWC 2019

At this year’s World Mobile Communications Conference, major mobile phone manufacturers have prepared enough big moves , such as Huawei will announce its first 5G folding screen products, good-looking and can play Xiaomi 9, Samsung finally used the screen fingerprint S10 The series and its long-rumored Galaxy F folding screen phone, five-shot flagship Nokia 9 Pureview, Sony’s new flagship phone with fish screen and so on.

Today, another manufacturer announced that it will participate in the World Mobile Communications Conference in Barcelona. It is announced that Lenovo will attend the MWC2019 with the Lenovo Z6 Pro . Through the posters published frequently, the circle pattern on the poster seems to imply that the phone supports screen fingerprints, or it implies that the model supports wireless charging.

Lenovo Z6 Pro Invitation, lenovo mwc 2019 invitation
Lenovo Z6 Pro Invitation


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