Oppo 10x Zoom Live demo Video

OPPO, on the microblogging weibo, show OPPO mobile phone 10 times optical zoom short video . The buildings in the video are constantly magnified, and when the zoom is 10 times, the details are still completely preserved, which is very shocking. Some netizens call it “like a telescope”.

2.2x ZOOM

6x Zoom

10x Zoom

OPPO’s 10x hybrid optical zoom uses a super wide-angle + ultra-clear master + telephoto three-shot structure, OPPO also introduced dual OIS optical anti-shake on the standard and telephoto camera of 10x hybrid optical zoom. In addition to achieving 10x zoom, it also meets the user’s ultra wide-angle requirements. Similarly, because of the cooperation of the three cameras, OPPO can provide users with the highest image quality requirements in different segments of the zoom, without Because the zoom reduces the picture quality of the proof.

Oppo 10x Optical Zoom Live Demo

It is understood that products equipped with 10x hybrid optical zoom technology will be mass-produced in the first half of this year. OPPO Vice President Shen Yiren also said on Weibo that OPPO’s technology has accumulated a lot, but the first criterion for choosing whether to mass production is whether it can bring real value to users. OPPO also reviewed some of the previously released technologies for mass production in two or three years, and strived to release energy in one year from the technology released, and not out of stock. The system will definitely do a good job in the future.

At present, OPPO officially announced that it will hold the 2019 OPPO Innovation Conference on the eve of the opening of MWC 2019, February 23 . At this 2019OPPO Innovation Conference, OPPO will debut 10 times hybrid optical zoom technology.


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