Huawei P30/Pro official promotion video exposure: Release Date Confirmed

Recently appeared on the Internet is an official promotional video Huawei’s P30 series of new flagships, the video shows that the series will be released in Paris, France on March 26.

Huawei P30 / P30 Pro Official Promo

From the video point of view, Huawei P30 series should be the main telephoto camera , the video shows this through the details of the shooting object. Previously, it was reported that the P30 Pro will be equipped with the new IMX6 series sensor of the chicken blood version, and it is also possible to use the periscope camera, which means that the P30 Pro can achieve ultra-multiple optical zoom capability. According to XDA broke the news of Rahman, the P30 Pro will be equipped with four rear cameras, including three traditional lenses for taking pictures, and the other is a 3D ToF sensor. This sensor can be used for 3D face recognition, 3D. Modeling and more. On the other hand, the P30 Pro also supports 10x optical zoom capability.
At the moment, we are still unable to confirm the news. There are still uncertainties in the news, and it is not even a rumor.

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