Xiaomi 9 will use Samsung AMOLED Display with Fastest In-display fingerprint

Lei Jun Today Officially Confirmed, Xiaomi 9 will use OLED Display and fastest in-display fingerprint reader in his Weibo post. Xiaomi 9 new screen fingerprint technology, very close to the unlock speed and experience of capacitive fingerprints.

First of all, with new technology, the speed has been significantly improved, perhaps the fastest screen fingerprint. Under the OLED screen, an optical fingerprint sensor consisting of three lenses is hidden, similar to a macro camera. The single pixel is up to 5μm, and the fingerprint speed is fast and the accuracy is high! 

Secondly, we improved the unlocking success rate in the scene of dry fingers, low temperature and direct sunlight. At night or in dimly lit scenes, lower the fingerprint to unlock the brightness of the display area and reduce the visual discomfort caused by unlocking the light leakage. 

This time, it can be said that the screen fingerprint has entered a large-scale practical stage. 

Xiaomi 9 In-display fingerprint


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