Oppo F11 Pro Official Promo, No R19 Pro this year 1

Oppo F11 Pro Official Promo, No R19 Pro this year

OPPO Vice President Shen Yiren Brian,  said on Weibo that OPPO R19 mobile phone will not be released this year, and he believes that the current folding screen mobile phone is not particularly valuables.

Recently, OPPO announced the promotion video of the new OPPO F11 Pro overseas. The machine adopts a pop-up camera design, and the front is full screen. Some media speculate that the machine should be the OPPO R19 series in China. In this regard, Shen Yiren nicknamed Weibo, “Not R19, there is no R19 this year.”

This year OPPO R19 will not be released, will it launch a new flagship? Some netizens said that OPPO is likely to launch the recently hot folding screen mobile phone. Shen Yiren also said that he said: “I have experienced the engineering prototype of the folding machine. I don’t think the folding screen can solve the problem. There is no particular value before the promotion problem of the upper or the experience.”

However, in January this year, OPPO CEO Chen Mingyong said in an interview with Qualcomm China that for the 5G+ era, mobile phones will remain the core and hub of all things. OPPO will continue to deepen the core business of mobile phones, and will soon be launched. Dragon 855 mobile platform new smartphone.

On January 16, OPPO held the 2019 Future Technology Communication Conference in Beijing, announcing the launch of 10x hybrid optical zoom and optical domain screen fingerprint technology. It is speculated that the new technology will be unveiled at this year’s OPPO flagship.


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